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Olga Scheps – Russian Album

Olga Scheps – Russian Album

RCA Red Seal/Sony
ECHOSony MusicRCA Red Seal


  • 01Natha Valse, Op. 51/4
  • 02Valse sentimentale, Op. 51/6
  • 03Souvenir d'une Mazurka in B-flat major
  • 04The Lark
  • 05Le ruisseau dans la forêt, Op. 36/15
  • 06Au jardin - Etude in D flat major
  • 07Barcarolle in A minor, Op. 93/3
  • 08Waltz in E minor
  • 09Waltz in C major
  • 10Waltz in G major
  • 11Waltz in A flat major, Op. 38/4
  • 12Moments musicaux, Op. 16/4 in E minor
  • 13Prélude in D major, Op. 23/4: Andante cantabile
  • 14Prélude in G minor, Op. 23/5: Alla Marcia
  • 15Prélude in G flat major, Op. 23/10: Largo
  • 16The Musical Snuff Box, Op. 32


Fono Forum 01/2011

"In Olga Scheps Russian Album she excellently captures the emotion of melancholy, magically showcases sadness and being reserved. You can feel the emotion of slight world pain and the suffering of the soul, like at the beginning of Mili Balakirevs “Au Jardin” (…). Once the main subject of the play  Glinkas/Balakirevs “Lerche” comes into play your ears will widen: Sorrow, and the emotion of saying goodbye is felt throughout her mastery of playing the piano, without being old-fashioned. A Schepstrademark is her way of playing Rachmaninows g-Moll-Prelude: Effortless, also not showcasing her true capabilities she goes through this prelude. Overall a great Cover of the matter, being focused on presenting the play in its true fashion, which is not being boasting and a certain reservedness."

NDR online

"Scheps shows masterfully how to present the emotions of sadness and pain in her Russian album. The tears will be following her play, that’s what is the result of her mastery. Her album is a well-put program that opens up many doors of emotion."