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Olga Scheps – Schubert

Olga Scheps – Schubert

RCA Red Seal/Sony
ECHOSony MusicRCA Red Seal


  • 01Variationen über einen Walzer von Diabelli in Cminor, D. 718
  • 02Walzer Nr. 2, 10, 6, D. 145, Op. 18
  • 03Ungarische Melodie in B minor, D. 817
  • 04Cotillon in E flat major, D. 976
  • 05Deutsche Tänze (Ländler) Nr. 1, 3, 4, 5, 1, 12, 17, 1, D. 366
  • 06Galopp, D. 735, Op. 49
  • 07Ecossaisen, D. 735, Op. 49
  • 08Impromptu Nr. 2 in A flat major, D. 935, Op. 142
  • 09Erste Walzer Nr. 1, 2, 14, D. 365, Op. 9
  • 10Valses nobles, D. 969, Op. 77
  • 11Impromptu Nr. 3 in G flat major, D. 899, Op. 90
  • 12Impromptu Nr. 4 in A flat major, D. 899, Op. 90
  • 13Walzer in G flat major, D. Anh. 1,14 "Kuppelwieser-Walzer"


NDR online

"Scheps showed the ability to create her own Schubert-Version. On one point you can sense her great sense of orchestrating it on point. On the other point you can sense her ability to give her own personal note to it. You can sense, the amount of effort she put in through every note she encounters."


"Olga Scheps has the ability to show sense in all shades of darkness. Her poise in playing the piano, is presented through a total control of her mastery. She is on point as far as the interpretation goes. The message is sent. The “Kuperlwieser Walzer” is her key play, as far as giving you that Good-Night-Vibe. In her own personal way she is able to present As-Pur-Impromptu D 935. Every change of vibration is shown, where emotion of warmth and cold is felt at the same time. With her competence and intelligence and the mastery of her craft, we should be more than excited about her 4th Studio Album."